Long arm pricing

Handiquilter Amara. I offer many edge to edge computerized designs, we will work together to decide what will work best for your quilt.


Machine quilting is $.020 per square inch for all edge to edge designs (there is a minimum of $40 per quilt loaded). 

There are no thread charges.

Batting and backing is not included in the machine quilting. 

Batting can be purchased for $10 a yard.

I stock Quilters Dream Poly Select.

To estimate the machine quilting for your quilt, measure your quilt top and refer to the following example:

50"x70" = 3,500 square inches

3,500 x $.020 = $70.00


Quilt top

Secure your seams and press them carefully.

Try to get bulky seams to be as flat as possible.

Quilt Back

Make sure your quilt back is 4" larger than your quilt on all four sides.

Prepare your quilt back so that it is square and has even edges.

Place your quilt, batting, and backing in a plastic bag before placing in the box for mailing. This will help to protect it while in transit.

Quilt my top!